Mass Driving Law Goes Into Effect

Massachusetts Connections – New vehicle law goes into effect today prohibiting the use of any electronics or phones, unless the device is used in “Hands free” mode. First offense is $ 100.00, 2nd is $ 250.00, and 3rd is $ 500.00 and an insurance bump!

Don’t fight the law…you know how that ends up. Use it as an opportunity to put your brand inside the vehicles of your customers and business partners. Everyone is going to need one of these little air vent, cupholder, or dashboard mounted phone holders.

It just so happens, that we distribute over 30 different models of these mobile device holders. Oh yeah, I think it’s safe to say we have one of the largest selections around. When curiosity gets the best of you, you can check out this presentation for minimums, details and samples.

Please help keep your Massachusetts friends safe and law abiding with custom branded, mobile device holders from Source Local Inc.

Mobile Phone Auto Vent Holders

Holiday Corporate & Promotional Gifts Catalog has launched!

If you’re not gifting your clients…somebody else will.

Promotional Power Banks

The Power Bank is a small electronic device that serves as an emergency charger for your phone or tablet. You plug it in and charge it up at home, then leave it in your car, your purse, or your backpack. If you ever need an emergency charge, and do not have access to electricity, you plug in your phone for an immediate charge.

These are great tie-ins for any business that promotes safety, security, or reliability. Anyone with kids will rest easy knowing they have a fallback in an emergency. We get incredible feedback when customers tell us how this product came in handy. It makes them feel great and us feel even better.

This product is custom branded with a one or two color imprint. They have a very low minimum quantity of 50 units and are easy to test with your customers. The turnaround time is 2-3 weeks from receipt of order. They come with a charging cable but you will need a USB cable to connect to your phone. Prices fluctuate so contact us today for current prices.

Promotional Power Banks give peace of mind

Lanyard Phone Charger Combo

Great for concerts, sports, and events!

Combination lanyard and phone charger. This custom branded lanyard is a phone charger and carries a pocket for your credentials. There are connections to your charging source and an iPhone or Samsung phone. This project can also be used with a power bank for situations when you do not have access to electricity. Contact us today for pricing and details.